Nautilus Coaching Services

Leadership Coaching

Individuals in leadership roles, particularly those new to leadership, often struggle to discover their own leadership style, lead with confidence, and build empowered teams.  Through a coaching relationship, you will:

  • Identify your leadership strengths and blind spots
  • Articulate your leadership development goals and achieve them
  • Identify ways to grow and develop your team
  • Generate improved business results  

Team Coaching

Teams working collaboratively enjoy powerful and positive outcomes.  Too often, though, conflict, unclear mission, and inconsistent practice derail a team’s effectiveness.  Through a coaching relationship, teams will:

  • Establish a shared vision
  • Articulate and agree to shared values 
  • Develop agreements around values-driven team behaviors 
  • Create accountability for team performance 
  • Establish and achieve ambitious team goals

Personal Coaching

Personal or life coaching is a relatively new profession that emerged out of the field of positive psychology and is designed to unleash extraordinary results in your life, relationships, and career. Through a coaching relationship, you will: 

  • Articulate your core values, dreams, and personal and professional goals
  • Identify and move past the barriers that block you from achieving your goals
  • Discover your own strategies for increasing your fulfillment in your career, life or both
  • Create accountability for taking bold, satisfying actions toward your goals


Nautilus Consulting Services

Training & Development

Nautilus customizes training content to meet your organization’s learning needs so that your team members build their interpersonal skills in areas that tie directly to performance and results.

Nautilus topics of expertise include:

  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Managing Conflict 
  • Situational Leadership 
  • Moving thru Change & Transition

Meeting / Retreat Design & Facilitation

Nautilus works with you to identify your meeting or retreat goals and designs and facilitates an interactive and engaging experience for your team that delivers your desired outcomes.


Nautilus provides you with a trained and experienced mediator who intervenes in a variety of different organizational disputes to help the parties in conflict arrive at win-win agreements while preserving their relationship.

Team Building

Nautilus consults with you to design and deliver a meaningful team building experience for your team that translates to improved collaboration and communication back in the workplace.